Spring 2015 Timeline

Week of:

March 2 First session is pizza party, setting the ground rules, trying on shoes, other housekeeping.

Second session: Lesson 1 Getting to Know Each Other

March 9 Lesson 2 Plugging into the Girls on the Run Cord; Lesson 3 Choosing to be a Girl on the Run

March 16 Lesson 4 Positive Self-Talk and Why I Choose It; Lesson 5 Fueling our Healthy Pace

March 23 Lesson 6 Being Emotional is Healthy; Lesson 7 Celebrating Gratitude

March 30 Lesson 9 Valuing what’s Really Important;  Lesson 10 Learning about Cooperation

April6 Off Spring Break (April 3 – April 10  School Resumes on April 13)

April 13 Lesson 11 Standing Up to Peer Pressure; Lesson 12 Standing up for Myself

April20 Lesson 13 Gossiping Hurts Everyone; Lesson 14 Beware of Bullies

April 27 Lesson 15 Its Okay to Choose Our Friends; Lesson 16 Practicing our 5k

May 4 Lesson 18 Tuning in to a New Message; Lesson 19 Learning About Community

May 11 Lesson 20 Designing Our Community Impact Project; Lesson 21 Implementing Our

Our Community Impact Project

May 18 Lesson 23 The Finishing Touches; May 21 wrap up or Make up and Recognition Night

May 23 5k Celebratory Run 8:00 a.m.