Spring 2016

Spring 2016


Spring 2015 Timeline

Week of:

March 2 First session is pizza party, setting the ground rules, trying on shoes, other housekeeping.

Second session: Lesson 1 Getting to Know Each Other

March 9 Lesson 2 Plugging into the Girls on the Run Cord; Lesson 3 Choosing to be a Girl on the Run

March 16 Lesson 4 Positive Self-Talk and Why I Choose It; Lesson 5 Fueling our Healthy Pace

March 23 Lesson 6 Being Emotional is Healthy; Lesson 7 Celebrating Gratitude

March 30 Lesson 9 Valuing what’s Really Important;  Lesson 10 Learning about Cooperation

April6 Off Spring Break (April 3 – April 10  School Resumes on April 13)

April 13 Lesson 11 Standing Up to Peer Pressure; Lesson 12 Standing up for Myself

April20 Lesson 13 Gossiping Hurts Everyone; Lesson 14 Beware of Bullies

April 27 Lesson 15 Its Okay to Choose Our Friends; Lesson 16 Practicing our 5k

May 4 Lesson 18 Tuning in to a New Message; Lesson 19 Learning About Community

May 11 Lesson 20 Designing Our Community Impact Project; Lesson 21 Implementing Our

Our Community Impact Project

May 18 Lesson 23 The Finishing Touches; May 21 wrap up or Make up and Recognition Night

May 23 5k Celebratory Run 8:00 a.m. 

Generous spirit!

Generous spirit!

Union City Citgo recently made donations to Girls on the Run of Branch County and Union City Community Schools. Citgo raised funds during their Customer Appreciation Week, which was held in July. With community donations and a match from owner John Reed, a $500 donation was made to GOTR and $1,500 was given to UCCS. Pictured are John Reed, Phyllis Gillette of GOTR, Dee Passmore, Peggy Matheson, UCCS Superintendent Pat Kreger and Cathy Lindsley.