GOTR-Boston Marathon

Dear Councils,

Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by yesterday’s tragic
events. So far, we have received notification from 15 GOTR councils that all of
the individuals at the marathon from their communities are safe and unharmed.
If there are other updates, please let us know.

During times of tragedy, our girls may have questions and
concerns about their own safety. To assist your coaches with these
conversations, please find the attached information from the National
Association of School Psychologists regarding talking to children about
violence. Please remind your coaches that if any girls appear to be
particularly troubled by these events to follow the procedures established for
contacting parents/guardians and/or linking girls with outside resources.

Girls on the Run International is consulting with our
professional advisors to determine what actions to take, if any, to ensure the
safety of our girls and communities. We will keep you updated as additional information
is provided.

If you have any additional concerns, please contact Amy at

Girls on the Run